Go! Driller No. 1 Susumu!

Hello! You can call me Driller or Susumu or Mr. Driller for formality. Welcome to my Carrd! Thank you for coming and reading!


Name: Mr. Driller, Driller, Drill, Susumu... Whatever feels right by you
Pronouns: They/Them. Currently experimenting with He/Him!
Age: 20
RP?: I guess, don't expect this Susumu to be extra on-point this is very shitposty
Kin?: Most definetively!
Gender + Sexuality: Nonbinary + Pansexual

I'm just a french canadian autistic fellow! I love NAMCO, Nintendo, old internet, simple coding, etc etc. I play Taiko no Tatsujin (TJAplayer3 not Osu!) and am pretty good I guess!
What am I doing on Trollian.Space? I was invited so nicely... I love hanging with people and homestucks seems nice! I've never read Homestuck, but that's not gonna be the case anymore, at least I hope so!

And that's it for now!